The Biggest Education Malaysia Virtual Expo 2020

UAE Education Expo
March 11, 2019
Yes2Malaysia The Biggest Education Malaysia Information Day 2023 : Saudi Arabia
September 6, 2022

The Biggest Education Malaysia Virtual Expo 2020

The call to re-schedule our Kuwait event due early March of 2020 was one of our toughest decision ever made at REXPO but due to the worsening COVID-19 situation, it was a necessary decision.

Developed as a means to shift platforms during this pandemic, our virtual platform proved to be successful as we proved moving away from physical events was a viable option to move forward. Using our experience in digital solutions, Rexpo Tech Division applied dynamic strategies that combined tried and tested digital marketing campaigns with software solutions to enhance the quality of leads.

Even with wavering market sentiments, as a conclusion of the event we discovered students are still keen to explore options in Malaysia and are ready to commit – provided we can give them assurance on the next available date for them to start their programmes physically in Malaysia. The most positive outcome was that we managed to collect “on-spot” applications during as well as immediately after the event. Seems we going to see more #BROWNENVELOPES

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